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I sent a copy of my letter to my son to Ken Wait, a veteran who served in the 306th Bomber Group based in England during World War II. And I sent a copy to Jeffrey Epstein at the People's Truth Forum. I wanted their reactions. I got them. Jeffrey sent it on to FreeRepublic.com, where they were posted. And then the letters came pouring in. Here are some of them. I thought you might like to hear what others are saying.

Note that the letter from Haji is from a man in Pakistan who translated the Islam Comic Book into Urdu for me, a project for which I served as webmaster. He translated the comic book into Urdu at great personal risk. (Tell me about it, Haji! At 14,000+ death threats, we stopped counting!) But I include it here because it's from a Pakistani who recognizes the threat of Islam, and appreciates us Americans. I about fell off my chair when I read it! And I have reproduced the email in all its less-than-perfect-English charm. An amazing thing. And appreciated. I sent a copy on to my son's email address, as I do with all the emails on this subject that I receive.

Also, note the moving letter from Captain Vineyard, whose own son entered the Navy, too. We've got some great people in our Armed Forces, don't you agree?

See some letters from Chris here.

Hello Friend!

Nice to have your letter to your son. Really. It helped ma a lot to
understand you more.

Hey! I know well you Americans are really unforgetable for humanity and
globe. Who know better this fact than I?


Congratulation and billions Greet to your son

Some FreeRepublic.com responses:

I found the letter inspirational and worthy of being passed on to others. Anyone desiring to share their sentiments or experiences may contact Charles at charles@charleswelty.net
1 posted on 07/17/2005 3:29:03 PM PDT by CHARLITE

That's nice.
3 posted on 07/17/2005 3:51:06 PM PDT by Alexander Rubin

WOW!! This letter should be sent to every Senator and Congressman!
4 posted on 07/17/2005 3:53:43 PM PDT by Bushbacker1 (Kill 'em til they're dead! Then, kill 'em again!)

That's a keeper. Bookmarked locally and remotely. Thanks!
5 posted on 07/17/2005 3:55:06 PM PDT by Prime Choice (Embrace all who seek the truth. Beware all who find it.)

To: Prime Choice; Eagles6; Bushbacker1; Nam Vet; 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub; SmithL; MikeA; ...
Just received this from Charles Welty. It is an email response to his "Letter to My Son."


I wish to commend you on your excellent letter to your son. You did a great job at summarizing so much that is relevant today. Your sentiments - I would call statements of fact, but much of what you spoke of seems to be things that are not being taught to the present generation, and are rapidly being forgotten by society.

I wish I could have been as eloquent when my son departed last summer, following a similar path as your son. He started a 4 year period at the United States Naval Academy, and hopes to become a nuclear trained submarine officer. (He is finishing up a 3rd class cruise ... headed for Japan after an under-ice crossing to go from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean on a nuclear submarine. His brief report after emerging from under-ice was that he was having a fantastic time and learning a lot.)

As a graduate of the Nuclear Power training pipeline myself, some 30 years ago, I can say that it is a fantastic training opportunity - but it is one full of hard work. Be sure that your son receives frequent encouragement!! He will work harder - academically - than he ever has in his life.

After the 24 weeks of classroom training, he will then spend another challenging 26 weeks learning to operate an actual nuclear reactor at a prototype training facility, under the watchful eyes of highly qualified personnel who themselves completed the training, and demonstrate the requisite skills of both nuclear power plant operations AND the ability to teach and train the future operators.

Again - it will be an intense period, where he will work 12 hour shifts until he completes the qualifications. After the training, he will report to a ship (the only surface ships with nuclear power plants are aircraft carriers) or a submarine, where he will essentially repeat his prototype experience, and qualify as a watchstander on the Navy vessel.

When that happens, he will be near final qualification of a Surface Warfare qualification pin or a Submarine Qualification pin ("dolphins") - a major milestone in his life, and one that deserves high recognition!

Take care, and best regards to your son.

V/R Michael Vineyard, CAPT, USNR(ret)

6 posted on 07/17/2005 7:29:07 PM PDT by CHARLITE (I propose a co-Clinton team as permanent reps to Pyonyang, w/out possibility of repatriation....)

Thanks. It's always good to read this stuff. Too many say "kids these days" "when I was young".

We have an all volunteer force of trained and dedicated patriots. Period. No better anywhere.

7 posted on 07/17/2005 8:50:17 PM PDT by Eagles6 (Dig deeper, more ammo.)

Other Letters

What a beautiful, heartfelt letter. They are a reminder of what we're all about...

Zak/USMC/F 2-11/Viet Nam/'68-'69

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