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Chris had his hands full at Basic Training. Here's what he's had to say as time permitted. Comments with * and "Ed." are editorial comments or explanations by Charles Welty.

Naval Training Center
Great Lakes, IL

19 JUL 2005

Boot camp is "interesting." I was assigned to Division 943, Ship 04; one of the so-called "Hall of Fame" divisions -- though it's hard to tell by watching us all try to march. The division is 87 men strong, from everywhere all across the U.S. I can barely understand a few, they have such thick accents. No more time to write now; I'll finish up later.

Chris Welty

21 JUL 2005

Hard to come by time to write, we're so  busy. Of course, "busy" means hurrying up everywhere to wait in line for 4 5minutes at attention. Then we sit for an hour, take notes and fill out paperwork, and go and do it all again. On the plus side, I became the Medical Yeoman for the division, which means I'm in charge of medical gear and papers for the division. G2G.* I'll write more later.

Chris Welty

*Got to go. -- Ed.

22 JUL 2005

The RDC (Recruit Division Commander) held tryouts today for AROC -- Assistant Recruit Petty-Officer in Charge. They keep time while the division is marching by, shouting out a cadence, issue commands to the division when it is divided. I get half, the RPOC gets the other half -- RPOC being the  Recruit Petty-Officer in Charge).

Chris Welty

24 JUL 2005

I think I prefer being the Yeoman, as after all that yellin' 'n stuff, my throat is REALLY sore. I might lose my voice in a few days if I'm not careful... On a lighter note, boot camp isn't that bad (yet, anyway). The food is pretty good, free, and we get a bunch of it!

Chris Welty

31 JUL 2005

Been a little while since my last entry. I've been really busy. We've improved a lot on marching, though there's a long way to go. I am now the Educational Petty Officer (EPO) in charge of making sure everyone knows everything basically. We went over to the drill hall and all us marching band types got thrown into the division honor guard, the people that carry around the rifles and stuff. We were issued some uniforms and a government I.D., as well as other stuff. Any way, I've got to get back to work. I miss y'all!

Chris Welty

PS: Letters from me can't [be] written except on Sundays (too busy during the week), so my letters will probably be about weekly.

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